If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs listed below, please refer to the contact us page.


NELSON is lovely lad who sadly has been diagnosed with epilepsy so now takes daily medication. This is not expensive at all. More details to any interested party. He is fine with other dogs but would probably be better in a home on his own in case he was to fit while alone.

EMILY is just 18 months old. Loving frinedly Labra dor bitch who is arraiving from Cyprus on 31st August.

LUCY is another Labrador aged 18 months. She has sadly lost an eye and has some hip displacia (x rays available) the specialist recommends careful exercise routine and weight control diet along with some supplements. She is also arriving on 31st August.

SELMA is 18 months old. ONly small in size but big in personality. She is over here and keen for a forever home. She is over here and ready for immediate adoption.

PAUL is like a small size Labrador cross aged 2 and a half year old. He has been in a family home over here for 2 years but sadly there has been a change in circumstance and he finds himself needing a new home. He would love another dog as company.

PARIS is currently in foster home in Oldham area and is ready for her next adventure. She is a friendly dog who deserves a home of her own. Aged around 2 years.

FRIEDA  is over here in a foster home. She loves the company of other dogs and is ready for immediate adoption.

BANANA is a little terrier type female. She is great with dogs, cats and children. Aged 2 years old and in a foster home in Cyprus currently.

OLIVER is a small Pekingnese cross, aged 2 years old. Happy little friendly lad in need of a new family due to change in circumstances at home.