If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs listed below, please refer to the contact us page.


MYRA has a lovely story, she was found playing out with some children, at the end of the day the children went home and she was left alone so she was taken into a sanctuary. She had obviously recently had puppies but they were nowhere to be seen. The following day a volunteer arrived and said a box of pups had been found 2 villages away. They looked a lot like Myra. The pups were brought over and she immediately counted them into bed with her and started feeding them. They obviously belonged to her. She is now ready for the life she deserves. At only 18 months old she will be easy to train.

JENNY is aged 2 years and has waited along with several of her siblings to be adopted and have a family of her own. She is very good natured and sociable. Labrador/hound cross.

WILSON is a young Labrador who was left tied up and abandoned with a broken leg in 2 places. He has now had surgery to pin and plate his leg abd is now recovering in a foster home. he loves people and other dogs.

LARRY is waiting patiently for his new family to see him and fall in love. He is aged 3-5yrs. Maybe had a hard life but is very loving. Pointer cross.

SADIE has had quite a journey in her young life and is now ready for a nice quiet home. She has had pups which have now all been homed. She is in a foster home where she has started to gain confidence. She loves other dogs and would love to live with one.

DUKE is a little terrier type who`s Mum was found heavily pregnant. She now has a home and Duke would love a family of his own soon. He will remain small in size.

CLYDE is a 3 year old Coonhound/Beagle cross. Shy to start with but soon comes around with a bit of patience.

TYLER is a super lad aged 2/3 years. He is just bursting to be loved by his forever family.

Please complete an application to adopt form if you have a permanent home to offer to any of these lovely dogs.